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Neem Energy Solutions is Connecticut based, with over 25 years of implementing and installing energy efficient projects for organizations in all sectors. We partner with customers and tailor a custom solution to their specific energy reduction needs, while ensuring an effective and safe operating environment for their business. We have often found that we can enhance the operating environment, while still driving energy reduction and efficiency measures.

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Changing some lighting changes could save 70%


Don’t let these savings fly right out the window!

Alternative Energy

Solar, Wind, Backup Generators

Building Envelope

Keeping your good energy inside

Energy Conservation

Educate on simple means of saving energy. more


What we’ve saved so far…


Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting needs to be bright for security and functional reasons, LED lighting gives your building a cleaner look with the same lighting for a lower cost.

Commercial Buildings

All types of buildings, big or small.

Warehousing / Distribution

These types of buildings tend to have high ceilings, and high amounts of unnecessary energy being used.


What better way to display your product than reliable, efficient lighting.

Cold Storage

Either in a supermarket, or a restaurant anywhere there is cold storage there’s somewhere that your profits are being frozen.


We’ve done these too! What better place to say you’re protecting the earth’s animals with efficiency than in an aquarium.


Some generic wattage recommendations. Use these, combined with the tool to the left to help calculate your lighting savings potential:

  • Incandescent Bulb 60W, use current 60W and replace with 13W.
  • Metal Halide Bulb 400W, use current 455W and replace with 113W.
  • Fluorescent 2 Lamp T12 8′, use current 173W and replace with 42W.
  • Incandescent Exit Light, use current 30W and replace with 2W

  • *This tool is meant to be used for a very broad demonstartion of savings potential. If you have any questions on using this tool, or would like a more in depth assessment please contact us

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    Neem has saved our clients over $10 Million due to utility incentives alone just in the past four years! Some incentives are up to 50% of the project.  We know how to complete the necessary paperwork to get your best incentive.  Click the “Learn More” Button to see just how much your utility offers.


    Your utility company may offer 0% financing! In the event that your company does not offer financing we’ve got you covered. Click the button to see if you qualify!

    Let Us Lighten Your Overhead
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    “We have worked with Neem for the past 14 months on relighting 18 of our Parts Distribution Centers, with considerable success. We here at Ford Parts Supply and Logistics can only speak highly of everybody at Neem. Every one of the sites were started and completed exactly as promised. Every aspect of each installation was completed to our expectations or beyond. Not only have our light levels improved but our electrical costs have been cut as much as half in some locations…”

    – Arthur LaChapell – Ford.


    Lighting Phase Out

    There are many commercial lamps which are so inefficient they are no  longer being produced. Are you prepared for when the run out?  These can generally be retrofitted so you do not have to change your entire fixture.  There are incentives offered to help with this, we can show you which lamps are on the list and what incentives are out there to reduce the cost.


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